About Yaw Antwi Owusu, Product Designer from Ghana, West Africa

I am a product designer with over two years of experience in designing and developing digital products that solve problems and delight users. I have multiple certifications from Google and IBM in Product Design and agile methods.

Currently, I collaborate with product owners, engineers, and other product designers at MTN Ghana, one of the leading telecom operators in Africa, to improve the user experience and foster creative thinking for their digital apps. I led the redesign of www.mtnhoods.com, a website that serves over one million daily users, enhancing data and airtime purchase experience and implementing advertising slots for additional revenue. I also manage stakeholder engagement throughout the design and development phase of the product.

In addition to my role at Dexwin, I am also the co-founder and product lead of Ubadi, an education-first family-oriented savings, financial literacy and management mobile and web platform that helps teenagers and their families build essential financial habits for the future. I led market research activities, facilitated focus-group discussions, and executed user testing for Ubadi. I also developed essential elements like a design system, user personas, user flows, high-fidelity designs, and prototypes. I collaborated closely with co-founders, engineers, payment processing partners, and Ghana Co-operative Susu Collectors Association to launch Ubadi.

As a product designer, I am passionate about addressing users' needs while aligning seamlessly with business objectives. I am proficient in crafting design systems, conducting extensive user research, mapping out user experiences, and formulating strategic plans for minimum viable products. I am also enthusiastic about teaching digital design and mentoring fellow designers and working professionals, empowering them to communicate visually with exceptional clarity and impact. My goal is to create design solutions that resonate profoundly with users and businesses alike.

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