Experiment 01: I designed two logos last weekend

Introducing Experiments

I'm Yaw a product designer and builder, there are two things I'm beginning to like the most about my professional life and that's Frameworks and Experiments.

I have mad love for solid frameworks built good ideas/theories, I love the framework my church uses for morning devotion, the HEAR Journal its simple and straightforward forward, you read a chapter everyday, Highlight a verse, Explian the verse in context of the chapter, Apply your keep takeaway from the verse to your life and lastly Respond to the verse, what change are making going forward.

I also love my current note-taking framework PARA where I have all my notes grouped in Projects, Areas, Resources and Archives (I will talk about these two in details in another blogpost).

And I love experiments as well I have tried a number some went well and others I learnt a thing or two, like when I decided to start a podcast with two of my friends and yeah that experiment is going well you can listen our lastest episode here and the other one when I decide to cover Ghana’s fintech industry with a newsletter it didn’t go well, I failed to release an actual letter after the announcement.

But hey, I'm all for experiments, you try you fail, you try again, you get it, you keep trying but now I even realize having a framework to support your experiments helps a lot.

So I have decided to highlight as least one ‘fun’ thing I do in my professional life every weekend with this blog series called Experiments, I find it interesting when I go back to read some of the articles I have written in the past years here, they are just fun to read, so this is another set of future fun to read articles.

Experiment 01

So I used last Saturday and Sunday to design two logos for a personal project I'm working on called Skrini and another for a SAAS project I'm on as a product manager and designer called Pero.

Skrini’s logo

This is the Skrini logo and some brand elements

Skrini is a collection of screens and flows from world class products designed by African designers and teams for research and inspiration purposes.

Pero’s logo

This is PERO logo and some brand elements.

Pero is a compliance partner for small businesses and creator is in Africa, it powers its customers to focus on launching and growing their businesses while it handles all their paper works.

This is it for the first weekend of Experiments, see your next week.

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