I exit my mid-20s in style and a lot more fearless

Hey there, welcome to my little corner. I turned 27 yesterday, March 24th, 2021, which was a calm day. In as much as I enjoyed the love from family, friends, and colleagues, I did a lot of reflections on my life.

I reflected on my life before this huge milestone of 27, the bold steps I took in the past, and some of the opportunities I lost because of fear of the unknown. At this moment, I feel proud of myself and look forward to an exciting future. I am currently on a self-journey, aiming to become a T-Shaped marketer, or as Silicon Valley folks call it, a Growth Marketer. I am teaching myself with the help of some paid and free courses on the internet, which have made me a better person these past few months. As of recent, I boldly share my opinions without fear of being judged. And though I care about what people think about me, I must say it now has little to no influence on my life. I am living the life I want and deserve. Also, pertaining to my professional life, I am on a journey of building a digital creative program for individuals interested in a career in design. Please anticipate a write-up about this development in my next note.

I am super thankful to God for the gift of life, for my family, friends who show up for me every day, my job at Ghana’s finest media house – Citi FM & Citi TV, where I do what I love while contributing to the success of this prestigious organization.

These last years of my 20s, I am going to live a lot more fearless. I am going to take more bold steps, speak my mind more often, show up more, love more, document more of my life, and most of all live happily.

And oh, about the stylish exit, I am now experimenting a lot with my hair. I have worn an afro for the past 5 years and I think it is time to try something new. So, the picture up there is my new look, which will get even more dreadful in the coming years.

Thanks for reading this note, you can find other notes here, and if you can, shoot me an email via me@yawantwiowusu.com or reach out to me on Whatsapp via (+233) 020 815 8864.

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