My name is Yaw Antwi Owusu and I can be whatever I want to be!

Me assisting as a Videographer to help cover an event.

In JHS, one morning our headmistress at our daily assembly before classes begins asked us to look into our palms and tell her what we saw.

Back then what little Yaw saw was a couple of lines some intersecting and others just apart and my classmates also saw the same.

She then said, what is in your hands now is your life, and your future and you are in control and you and only you can decide what you are going to be.

This message has been with me for most of my years, and I am super glad to her for those words she seeded in me back then as a boy who knew very little of what he was going to be.

Even now I still don't have everything figured out but I sure know, the decision to be or not to be is in my hands, if I fail I did fail and if I succeed I did it.

Look into your palm and tell me what you see?

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