I facilitated a webinar on Building a website with WordPress

Somewhere last two weeks I received a WhatsApp message from a very good friend of mine who I am currently building a website for, she said "Hey, Can you facilitate a session on building websites online? "

I was like yes but for who? She gave me the details, we suggested a name for, decided the duration for the webinar and she said: "someone is gonna contact you". So some days later I got a message for Yaa from Mobile Library Project and the deal was on, I will be facilitating a webinar on Building a website with WordPress.

Honestly, this was a big challenge for me because I haven't tutored on WordPress to a class before tho I do it once a while when I have new clients but not to a class and not virtually. I prepared very hard, came up with my teaching material, which included the modules I was going to use, my slides, and key pointers to mentions.

On 13th May, I received a notification from Yaa Wodenya from Mobile Library Project and promotion for the webinar had begun, yeah so I jump on it and made a tweet about the webinar and how I was excited to share my knowledge and the feedback was great, I had colleagues from work[Citi FM] retweeting and liking.

Fast forward, the day was here, it was Saturday, 16th May 2020, 7:00 pm, one the first day I introduced my students to Content Management Systems [CMS], I established a fact on why WordPress leads this industry, we looked at some Ghanaian websites that were built with WordPress, what a domain name and web hosting service are and why you need them to build a website and we finished with an introduction to the Dashboard of WordPress. All of these interactions were on Whatsapp. After the first session, I got great feedback from the students and I said to myself tomorrow has to be even better.

On the second day, we hosted the session via zoom, it was the practical bit of the Webinar, we learned what a C Panel was, got to the Dashboard of a live website, created a website via wordpress.com, customized it, created a blog post, added an image, embedded a video and it was a warp.

The whole experience was a great one, it put me on my toes to work harder, I made some few friends, I was very glad to share my knowledge and I was very excited doing it.

Stats from the webinar

What does the future hold for me concerning teaching how to use WordPress? I haven't seen the full picture yet but I know this isn't the end.

Thanks for reading my note, you can get in touch with me via me@yawantwiowusu.com or 0208158864 on WhatsApp.

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