My Graphic Design lecturing experience at Kwahu Ridge SHTS

Me with third-year Graphic Design students of Kwahu Ridge SHTS

This month, I spent two weeks on the Kwahu Ridge SHTS campus volunteering as a Graphic Design teacher.

It was indeed a great experience lecturing in entrepreneurial skills in Graphic Design as well as introducing the students to digital design.

Why I volunteered

In October 2009, I gained admission to Kwahu Ridge SHTS. Later on in 2013, I graduated with a High school diploma in Visual Arts (WASSCE).

After high school, I entered the Technical University. Upon completion, I began a career as a designer with a focus on digital content by working for two major media corporations which have greatly impacted my life.

But I remember clearly back as a student at Kwahu Ridge SHTS studying Visual Arts - I had little to no information about the various programs at the University level that I could offer and even at which of the institutions. I was clueless about the career options I could explore after school and how to even get there.

So I decided that, I could use a couple of days on campus to help bridge this gap and engage the current graphic design students on these subjects.

A section of Graphic Design students at Kwahu Ridge in Class

While on the Kwahu Ridge SHTS campus in Obo – Kwahu


I was assigned by the Visual Arts department to teach the third year Graphic Design students Entreprenuial Skills in Graphic Design.

I successfully completed the program where I discussed who a Graphic Design Entrepreneur is, types of Graphic design entreprise we have, what to consider when setting up as graphic design entreprise, costing, pricing and marketing in Design.

Oh yeah! It was the first time I prepared teaching notes. Most of the information I shared was from a few Graphic Design books, design blogs and some experinces I have had working as a designer.

On the side, I introduced the students to the various design software industry people use and some of the design career options one can explore after senior high school.

So what next?

Yeah! The experience was great and I plan to make it a yearly project to engage Graphic Design students at the Senior High school level, most importantly introduce them to Digital Design and the career options avaliable to them.

Lastly, I am working with these current graphic design students remotely to create a digital class Yearbook for the Graphic Design class of 2020 in Kwahu Ridge SHTS.

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